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Frivolous “Article 50” Law Suit Places Brexit Fate In The Hands Of The EU

The global corporate elite have filed a frivolous lawsuit to prevent the UK government from executing the clear will of the UK people to leave the EU.

The suit will certainly fail in the UK’s highest court.

The problem, however, is that the lawsuit does not need to have merit in the UK Supreme Court for it ultimately to succeed on appeal to the Orwellianly-named European Court of Justice.

This is because, even though, on its face, the suit challenges UK Parliamentary practice, it is, at its heart, a dispute centred on how an EU member nation interprets, for the first time ever, implementation of Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, the only legal mechanism for a member state to leave the EU.

And decisions on the interpretation of EU treaties are the exclusive domain of the EU’s ECJ.

Specifically, if our High Court rules against the law suit’s filers, and states unequivocally that the UK government interpreted Article 50 reasonably, the Corporatist elite will then have the opportunity to appeal that domestic decision to the ECJ.

The ECJ is a kangaroo court, whose only purpose is to legally grease the wheels of the EU juggernaut.

Would anyone care to suggest what an EU “court” purposed solely with ensuring that the EU’s fascistic agenda persists, will rule on the legality of a net-contributing member nation’s decision to escape the EU’s control via implementation of Article 50.

The EU looked fascistic and dodgy enough before the Brexit vote, when everyone assumed that voters would return a Remain mandate.

But, after this duplicitous legal sleight-of-hand, Cameron’s EU will expose itself as what it is: a tyranny that no free people should want any part of.

And that resistance should include the UK government ignoring any decision handed down by the ECJ that in any way inhibits the UK from doing what it chooses and needs to, to escape the EU as quickly and sensibly as possible.

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30,000 EU Fascists March Through London Demanding A Coup, And The UK Government Yawns

Thirty thousand frothing, flag-waving, EU-inspired fascists just marched through downtown London under the  flag of a foreign power, and openly instigating a Ukraine-type coup of the UK’s democratically-elected government.

Yet nobody in power in the UK seems too bothered by it all.


The fascist horde presented itself as an “anti-Brexit” protest, but the mass flying of, and show of fealty to, a foreign flag — the blue and yellow EU Swastika — in a land in which the Union Jack reigns supreme tells its own story.

Saturday’s terrifying display of fascistic EU nationalism in London is no different to Oswald Mosley’s malignant black-shirted rallies calling for the imposition of a brutal British nationalism on the people of the UK; its participants are cut from the same political cloth.

Make no mistake, these marchers are extremist EU nationalists in every sense of the word, and they will seek to terrorize us and to burn our democratic house down to the ground, in order to replace it with their Technocratic “European Project”.

These extremists advocate a politics that is anathema to the United Kingdom and its tradition of always fighting to increase — not diminish, as constantly equivocating Soros “progressives” seek to do — the individual rights of all who call ourselves  British.

Could it be that our government has been made so redundant, is so cowardly, so useless, so stupidly blind, and so negligent of its duty to protect those it governs — we, the people of the UK — that it doesn’t recognize the manifestation of the most urgent and malignant force seeking to destroy us since 1939?

Imagine, for a moment, that, instead of the blue and yellow EU Swastika, these rabid EU nationalists were waving and draping themselves and their children/political props in German flags, or, indeed, in Nazi Party regalia.

And, yes, the Nazi comparison IS apt, bearing in mind the EU’s documented Nazi Party roots, its fascistic/technocratic structure, its self-declared empire-building, and its complete lack of democratic mandate or motive.

What if 30,000 Germans waving Swastikas marched through the streets of London, demanding that the people of the UK be disenfranchised, and a democratic vote be ignored, so that a foreign and totalitarian ideology could take permanent root across the UK?

How wide would our Government yawn at that sight?

By turning a blind eye to Saturday’s Euro-fascist invasion of London, and later the entire UK, our cowardly, incompetent and negligent government has abandoned we free Brits — whatever our religion, skin colour, heritage and social class — to the vicious whim of anonymous and psychotic EU nationalists pulling the strings in Brussels.

In fact David Cameron’s cowardly decision to run, soiling his pants, from his promise to us that he would trigger Article 50 as soon as a Leave vote was returned, actually threw Brits into the totalitarian snake pit that we saw slithering through London on Saturday.

We have reached the point at which every day that passes without Cameron invoking Article 50 constitutes evidence, not only of Cameron’s abject cowardice, but, also, of his treason.

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Why Are We Letting Cameron Off The Article 50 Hook So Damned Easily?

Gove? May? Leadson? Someone is going to be  the next Prime Minister. That’s a given. It’s also little more than a distraction for a country that is now trapped in an anxious no-man’s land: not in, yet not out of the EU.

Blame David Cameron alone for this international horror show.

Cameron IS our Prime Minister right now. He retains the power to extricate the country from beneath the increasingly bitter, poisonous and suffocating weight of a stalled Brexit, a situation he caused and, we can only assume, personally profits from.

All that stands between the UK electorate and the execution of its democratic will — that the UK leave the EU — is David Cameron’s cowardice and dissembling; he’s too cowardly to go down in history as the person who invoked Article 50, freeing the UK from the EU.

And he’s too much of a liar to honour the specific Article 50 promise he made to the people of the UK and to Parliament in his February 22, 2016 Commons speech:

Then there is the legality. I want to spell out this point very carefully. If the British people vote to leave there is only one way to bring that about – and that is to trigger Article 50 of the Treaties and begin the process of exit.

And the British people would rightly expect that to start straight away.

Cameron’s refusal to honour his promise has left our pathetic excuse for a “national leader” skulking around No. 10, trying not to be noticed and anxiously wishing away the days until he can cut and run — the day he can foist onto someone else — anyone else, so long as it’s not him — the tough decision he promised to make, that we have already paid him to make, and now we re instructing him to make.

This is a disgusting display of cowardice coming from any Brit, let alone a purported British “leader”.

Equally disgusting, is the way erstwhile Cameron nemeses, such as that bilious viper in Scotland and just about any “progressive” who agrees with her, now suddenly embrace Cameron’s cowardice and lies.

They have put their arms around his shoulder and told him:

“Attaboy, Davey! You’re one of us  now– a fascistic, regressive, boutique patriot. You’re right to tremble, equivocate and shit yourself when called upon to preserve democracy and the Union”

This will be a fitting legacy for a lying coward, who could still, if he chose to, take the simple action that will bring some semblance of order back to a nation increasingly adrift in the backwaters of uncertainty, despair and division.

All Cameron needs to do to avoid being remembered forever as, foremost,  a liar and a coward is to find the courage to honour a promise he freely made to an electorate he remains obligated to serve.

Will the privileged Panamanian screw up the courage to honour his word and to clean up the mess he and he alone has made before he flees office, like some  grasping, corrupt tin pot dictator caught red handed with his sticky fingers in the national till?

Stupid question, right?




Liechtenstein Deal Offers A Brexit Solution We Can All Agree On

The UK could leave the EU, keep full access to the single market, preserve all existing trade agreements, make its own trade deals outside the EU, and dump the nation-destroying free movement of people, without changing a single EU treaty, and without ruffling any but  the most sensitive of Remain feathers.

To achieve all of this, the EU merely needs to give the UK — the world’s fifth largest economy — the same deal it has given tiny Liechtenstein.

Under this deal, non-EU Liechtenstein, as a member of the European Economic Area (EEA), is granted the same access to the single market that the UK currently has, but it is exempted from free movement and other EU rules.

The legal basis for this quite unremarkable deal is EEA Agreement article 112:


Article 112

  1. If serious economic, societal or environmental difficulties of a sectorial or regional nature liable to persist are arising, a Contracting Party may unilaterally take appropriate measures under the conditions and procedures laid down in Article 113.

The EU has preemptively recognized that Liechtenstein, being so tiny, could be wiped off the map by uncontrolled migration, which, all agree, represents an obvious and persistent “serious economic, societal” difficulty to it.

The EU could justifiably declare that the UK’s withdrawal from the single market represents a persistent and serious economic difficulty for the UK, the  EU and many of the EU’s member nations.

This single act of sensible cooperation would allow the UK to do a Liechtenstein.

We would, as an EEA member, (i.e. not an EU member) be freed from the bulk of intrusive EU lawmaking and policy decisions. For example:

5. What is not covered by the EEA Agreement?

The EEA Agreement does not cover the following EU policies: common agriculture and fisheries policies (although the EEA Agreement contains provisions on trade in agricultural and fish products); customs union; common trade policy; common foreign and security policy; justice and home affairs (the EEA EFTA States are however part of the Schengen area); direct and indirect taxation; or economic and monetary union.

Leave or Remain, what’s not to like about this deal?

Let’s trigger Article 50 and take the Liechtenstein option as soon as we can,  so that we can all move on.



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The UK Government and the EU Commission Are Slowly Merging, Thanks to Vote Leave

Is anyone surprised that the UK government is looking and sounding more and more like the elitist, anti-democratic EU Commission every day?

Threats. Lies. Bullying. Blame-throwing. Dysfunction. Dissembling. And now, in the best EU Commission tradition, the UK government is going to use its Vote Leave Brexit campaign to arbitrarily disenfranchise millions of UK citizens who dared to refuse to embrace the elitist ideology inherent in a Remain Brexit vote.

Vote Leave, which Cameron created to provide a façade of democracy in a predetermined Remain walk over, never wanted a Brexit.  It was designed with built-in obsolescence, to be used once and then disposed of following a Remain landslide, never to be heard from again.

Vote Leave’s unplanned longevity, caused by the Leave result, has wrong-footed Cameron and derailed his elitist Remain agenda. This fact was painfully evident in the funereal tone of the  “Oh Shit! Now what do we do?!” Vote Leave “victory” speech, given by  fellow elitists, Boris Johnson and Michael Gove.

Obviously, since Vote Leave was disposable, it now lacks both a plan and a timetable to take us out of the EU.  In fact, its platform includes nothing at all that could ever result in the UK leaving the EU.

Vote Leave does, however, assure us that, despite Cameron’s explicit promise to do so, our government will NOT be activating Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, which would start  the Brexit process, any time soon — or, indeed, ever.

Vote Leave’s choice to walk through a democratic Brexit mandate as if it doesn’t exist resembles closely the EU Commission’s 2005 decision to abandon its failing EU-wide referendums asking voters to adopt a “European Constitution”, which would have made the EU a sovereign nation.

The EU, instead, rebranded the European Constitution the “Lisbon Treaty”, which, a few years later, an orchestrated political elite then duly rammed down the throats of all of those who had rejected it, and were about to reject it.

Similarly, Vote Leave is now on the verge of rebranding the Leave vote as a reluctant Remain mandate, and then ramming that mandate down the throats of 17 million UK voters who unequivocally rejected it.

I can only assume that the Vote Leave elitists are completely blind to the message tied to the Leave brick that was just heaved through their Remain window — that political elites are very quickly — and rightly — becoming an endangered, invasive species in the UK.

In everyone’s interest, Vote Leave needs to invoke Article 50 and, in the meantime and immediately, revoke the 1972 European Communities Act, which places EU law over UK law in the UK.

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Forget Article 50: A Minor Tweak of UK Law is All That’s Needed To Return Full Sovereignty to the UK — Instantly

Millions of Brits are hearing a lot recently about Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, the “legal” method of withdrawal of a member nation from the European Union.

As soon as the UK government invokes it — by sending a letter to the European Council that the UK plans to leave the EU — the irreversible and rather lengthy process of orderly and good faith (Article 8) departure begins.

But Article 50 is actually something of a red herring when it comes to Brexit, since we could, if we wanted to, regain the bulk of our EU exit overnight and without involving Article 50.

We can do this by tweaking the European Communities Act of 1972, (ECA) which obliges us to adopt certain EU laws automatically, and, more importantly, places EU law above (non-constitutional) UK law whenever the two collide.

The idea behind EU supremacy of law is that agreeing to sign a treaty — and the EU is effectively just one big treaty — carries with it the implication that the signatory nation will implement the treaty’s terms, come what may, short of changing its constitution.

While the ECA contains several other legislative Sections, with respect to the Common Agricultural Policy and European Atomic Energy Community etc, it serves primarily as the lubricant our government applies when sliding EU law into the UK’s legal apparatus.

The parts of the ECA that do that legal work are its Sections 2 and 3.

Section 2(4) and 3(1) give effect to the doctrine of the supremacy of EU law, as interpreted by the [European] Court of Justice, over national law; and where EU law is in doubt requires UK courts to refer the question to the Court of Justice. As a consequence of the rule of construction in section 2(4) all primary legislation enacted by Parliament after the entry into force of the ECA on 1 January 1973 is to be construed by the courts to disapply legislation which is inconsistent with EU aw.

The good thing about the ECA is that it is domestic law, so our own Parliament, which is now under notice that it must take us out of the EU, can amend and even revoke it, if it wants to.

My suggestion is that, while we’re waiting for the Article 50 saga to unwind,  the UK Parliament immediately revoke sections 2 and 3 of the ECA, thus negating the now redundant — and cumbersome — supremacy of EU law over UK law.

After all, why would a nation on its way out of the EU need to be bound to EU law?

This change will become vital in the face of what is shaping up to be a full frontal attack on us by our spurned, erstwhile EU “partners”, such as France.

e.g. The mayor of Calais is threatening to flout the long-standing (non-EU) Le Touquet Treaty that stipulates where the border separating the UK and France is drawn, and to maliciously herd thousands of illegal immigrants into Kent. As blatant an act of sour- grape-tasting Gallic spite if ever there was.

If that happens, then the last thing we need is to deal with a legal challenge from the EU that we are flouting some EU law or other by protecting our borders.

By returning UK law to its national supremacy, we free ourselves to more nimbly take the protective and evasive measures we need to, to fend off the EU’s looming assault.

And we protect ourselves from the perniciously pro-EU Vote Leave government, which wants Brexit to fail, and that is leaving  our back door wide open to this EU retribution by delaying — probably indefinitely — its triggering of Article 50.

All it takes is a simple vote in the UK Parliament.




UK Voters Must Force The Government To Trigger Article 50 Immediately Or Lose Their Chance Of Ever Leaving The EU

The snake, Daniel Hannan, MEP, and his slithering Vote Leave posse are again talking about not triggering Article 50 of the Lisbon “Treaty” — the clause that will officially put us on the path out of the EU.

Instead, they are suggesting that, despite the unambiguous Leave vote registered by UK voters, we should remain an EU inmate nation and have a second Brexit referendum a year or two from now on better, renegotiated, EU membership terms.

Since Vote Leave MPs will form our government in a few months, they will surely get away with this crime. That’s why we MUST try to stop them now, before they get into office.

And we need to push the issue on the ground, by immediately starting a non-violent guerilla war, dedicated to doing all that is within our power to let the Vote Leave snakes and the EU know that we — the people — are going to leave the EU, even if our government isn’t.

For example, all British businesses, where practical, must refuse to abide by the Single Market rules and regulations that are strangling them.

Motorists must place a Union Jack sticker over the ugly fascist symbol, the EU flag, on their registration plates.

Employers must let it be known that they will hire only British workers.

British landlords must make it known that they will rent to only British renters.

British businesses seeking contractors must make it known that they will accept bids from only British companies.

We must boycott the next EU “election” if the situation drags on that long.

Parents must unite to purge their children’s schools of all vile EU brainwashing “educational” material.

And someone needs to cover up all of those Swastika-like EU flags blighting the sides of so many British buildings that allegedly received non-existent “EU funding”.

There are likely hundreds of other ways we can engage and damage the enemy — the EU — non-violently. And we should try them all.

Vote Leave won this referendum, albeit on UKIP’s agenda, but Cameron was always in charge of both the Leave and the Remain campaigns, and now the EU globalizers, who Vote Leave answer to, are about to benefit from that anti-democratic heads-I-win, tails-you-lose arrangement; we voted to leave, but Vote Leave, when in government, will soon be able to permanently prevent that from happening.

Cowardice in the face of evil — and the EU is evil — is never an acceptable response from a free people. And the Vote Leave snakes are cowards to their core.

They are all more interested in their political careers than in giving the majority of the UK people what they have explicitly demanded.

That means that, now, we, the people, have the duty to take it for ourselves.

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We Voted To Leave The EU, But There Will Be No Brexit

Already, the same self-appointed, power-drunk elite that UK voters rejected by opting to escape the EU Volker-kerker last night, is now telling us that it will not honour the emphatic instruction of the UK people to take their country out of the European Union.

This shameless usurpation of the democratic system began immediately, when David Cameron, a liar and a coward, chose to flee office rather than keep his word to us that he would trigger Article 50 of the Lisbon “Treaty”, which begins the leave process, immediately upon a Leave vote.

It’s no surprise to anyone that a Prime Minister whose main talent and achievement is deceit should choose to end his tenure on the biggest of all of his lies.

What will surprise many, though, is that the people they trusted to take us out of the EU – Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, Gisela Stuart and the rest — were always planning to keep us in it.

This ploy was evident when the profoundly corrupt UK Electoral Commission effectively turned the UK into a Banana Republic by giving control of both sides of the referendum debate to David Cameron.

It was evident when Boris Johnson, the serpent, Dan Hannan, and Michael Gove initially floated the idea of a Leave vote being used as leverage for better EU terms and a second referendum, and not as a way for the UK to actually leave the EU.

They shelved that idea when it raised the ire of genuine Leave voters.

Some might argue that, in relinquishing office, Cameron paid a high price for giving us this referendum. But this isn’t true.

David Cameron, along with every “leader” of an EU inmate nation, accepts that he or she  is disposable when it comes to preserving the EU’s ugly totalitarian ideology; the “Project” always comes first and there’s always another EU-obedient national leader waiting in line.

Johnson is merely the next square of toilet paper on the prime ministerial roll, to be ripped off, used by the EU, and discarded at some point in the future, as is necessary to keep the EU’s totalitarian bowels moving.

Cameron tells us the next prime minister will decide in October whether or not to trigger Article 50. But why would someone who never made the promise to trigger Article 50 abide by Cameron’s promise to do so?

If Johnson is our next Prime Minister, we now know he will never honour Cameron’s false promise.

The sole glimmer of hope for the nation — again — is Nigel Farage, whose Brexit platform the invidious Vote Leave channeled to win the Leave vote, even as they ostracized him.

Farage alone wisely preempted Vote Leave’s current duplicitousness months ago, arguing that UKIP needs to remain strong and to grow even stronger after a Leave vote to force our universally pro-EU political infrastructure to carry out the expressed will of the people of the UK.

We must give him and UKIP that power right now by supporting whatever measures UKIP takes to force Cameron, Johnson, Stuart and the rest of the Vote Leave dissemblers to behave like what they are: public servants.

And to stop acting like what they arrogantly believe themselves to be: the country’s parents.


Remain Vote Must Transform Leave Voters Into Freedom Fighters

The Brexit referendum polls closed 45 minutes ago, and all the indicators are pointing to a Remain vote. (Assuming that all the Remain “certainty” isn’t a massive market manipulation with a profiteering whip in its tail!)

Those of us who simply refuse to be controlled by an unelected, unaccountable corporatist elite in Brussels need to slip as quickly as we can into a new mindset.

Specifically, we need to go from being campaigners to being a non-violent guerilla force, dedicated to doing all that is within our power to destroy the European Union from the inside.

For example, any business that does not trade with the EU must refuse to abide by the Single Market rules and regulations that are strangling them, while promoting the interests of global corporations.

Car owners must place a Union Jack sticker over the ugly fascist symbol, the EU flag, on their registration plates.

Employers must let it be known that they will hire only British workers.

British landlords must make it known that they will rent to only British renters.

British businesses seeking contractors must make it known that they will accept bids from only British companies.

We must boycott the next EU “election”.

Parents must unite to purge their children’s schools of all vile EU brainwashing “educational” material.

And someone needs to cover up all of those Swastika-like EU flags blighting the sides of so many British buildings that allegedly received non-existent “EU funding”.

There are likely hundreds of other ways we can engage and damage the enemy — the EU — non-violently. And we should try them all.

If Remain has, indeed, stolen this referendum — and, with Cameron being in charge of both the Leave and the Remain campaigns, and with Labour’s rampant postal vote fraud, “stolen” is the right word — then there is no such thing as graciously accepting defeat.

Cowardice in the face of evil — and the EU is evil — is never an acceptable response from a free people.

We simply do not have the right to surrender our children and grand children to a brutal enemy. And we must never do so.


Turkey, Shmurkey: The EU Has Already Granted Israel, Palestine, Syria And Others Associate EU Membership

The debate raging around when Turkey — only 5% of which is in Europe — will accept David Cameron’s open invitation to join the EU seems silly when you consider that the EU has already granted effective EU associate member status to Israel, Palestine, Syria, Morocco, Algeria and other troubled non-European nations.

The shoehorning of non-European nations into the EU fold has been occurring for decades, largely unbeknownst to the vast majority of EU “citizens”.

Indeed, the European Council most recently announced that the EU will be entering into an “economic partnership agreement with Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda”.

This isn’t a trade agreement.

It’s the interim stage before the full integration of political, social and economic structures of the EU and the African Union.


The economic partnership agreements are intended to enhance regional integration and economic development in the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries. They are based on the principle of asymmetrical market opening, meaning that they provide a better access to the EU market for ACP partners.

The EU has — without any EU member nation’s permission — awarded these non-European nations effective associate EU member status. This includes giving them “accession” money and other “support” to shape their political, social and economic institutions to nicely integrate with the EU’s.

The EU has been working on many other such associate member-type relationships over the past 40+ years, including with Israel, Palestine, Syria and Morocco, who are well along the track to becoming associate-type EU members.


Through its European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP), the EU works with its southern and eastern neighbours to achieve the closest possible political association and the greatest possible degree of economic integration. This goal builds on common interests and on values — democracy, the rule of law, respect for human rights, and social cohesion. The ENP is a key part of the European Union’s foreign policy.


EU cooperation with the Southern Neighbourhood takes place in the framework of the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP), and includes ten partner countries: Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Libya, Morocco, Palestine*, Syria and Tunisia.

The EU’s open-door membership policy, implemented, no doubt to maintain its “empire” status, which, in turn, greases the wheels on eventual global governance, proves there is no “safe haven”, “status quo” option on Thursday’s Brexit ballot.

Rather, the EU is a nation-killing, regionalizing German-built tank, trundling inexorably toward the global governance that underpins the logic of its open-door membership policy.

The arrival of the EU’s global governance-laden Panzer will, for many Remainers and Leavers alike, be the moment they realize that, actually, the EU never had anything to do with Europe. That it was merely a cog in a globalizing machine operated by people we don’t know and who despise us.

By then, of course, it will be too late for us to do anything about it.

The ONLY democratic means we will ever have to shove the EU Panza off its path will present itself to us on Thursday June 23, and will materialize in the form of an overwhelming vote that the UK — followed by other EU inmate nations — Leave the EU.

Europe, in all its diversity and ingenuity is beautiful, vital, powerful and unique. 

We are not the Middle East.

We are not Africa.

We are not Asia.

We are not the Americas.

We are not a nationless region.

And we are most definitely not the damned European Union.

Let’s fight to keep it that way.

Vote Leave.

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A Perfectly Timed Remain Murder: A Recap of Events and People

Let’s recap events concerning and around the alleged murder of Remain advocate, Jo Cox.


  • A week before voting in the Brexit referendum, which, by all accounts, the Remain side were going to balloons
  • A few days after the end of the secretive Bilderberg meeting of the world’s most powerful politicians and corporate figure in Germany, in which the main agenda item was how to prevent the UK voting for Brexit.
  • Just enough time to mount Project Mourn, in which teddy bears wearing EU Tee-shirts and votive candles will play a prominent role.

The Alleged Murder Victim:

  • Jo Cox, an ardent and conspicuous Remain campaigner, who has worked for the EU and for Neil Kinnock, who, along with his family, has received massive EU largesse for his despicable and deceitful service to it.
  • A Labour MP, at a time when Labour is bleeding votes and support, and in a part of the country in which the bleeding is the worst.
  • A popular local woman known for her compassion and tolerance, as evidenced by having a female Muslim assistant, in whose arms she reportedly died, and, reportedly, spoke to, despite having been shot multiple times in the head and stabbed multiple times with a foot-long blade.

The Husband:

  • The first reported quote from Mr. Cox was, oddly, a veiled and timely accusation that the Leave campaign murdered his wife because she preferred Remain to Leave.

Witness Evidence:

  • At least one witness claims to have heard the alleged murderer shout the name of a minor and allegedly right wing — and registered — political party that just happen to have “Britain” in its name.
  • This convenient but vital Remain claim has not been substantiated, nor will it ever be substantiated.

The Reaction:

  • The vile Kinnocks are joined by other functionaries of the pro-EU, global political and economic elite, including a Canadian politician, in the gathering of a pro-Remain …

…Global Media Chorus:

  • Cox was undoubtedly a much-loved and honourable woman, and yet she wasn’t a global figure of the likes of Mohamed Ali or Nelson Mandela.
  • And yet a world press — from across the EU to the US — the near-totality of which is owned by four or five companies, who are overwhelmingly pro-EU, is treating her passing as though she were.

The Alleged Murderer:

  • The stereotypical mentally deranged loner, who we have now all been conditioned to disbelieve were he to challenge the media/Remain account of the act he allegedly committed.

A few of the questions that voters need to ask themselves before entering the Brexit referendum booth and placing a Remain vote in Cox’s memory, as they will soon be encouraged to do, are:

  • Why this killing?
  • Why now?
  • Why Cox, an EU-phile and Remain activist?
  • Why such a coordinated global media response?

Above all, voters need to ask themselves how much they trust the institutions — the EU, the global media, the global political elite, the Kinnocks etc — to tell them the truth.

And, if you don’t thrust these Remain institutions and people, then you must accept that these people are deploying their limitless media access, money and political power in an effort to shame, bully and manipulate you into voting to Remain.

If that’s okay with you, then vote Remain. The Kinnock family will be forever grateful to you.

Here’s a reasonable response to this murder from some reasonable people.

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A Murdered MP Begins Cameron’s Project Mourn

Auguring what will become an era of the most inhumane political hardball in recent UK history, a Remain Labour MP has been murdered, allegedly by someone who shouted the name of a “far right” organization during her murder.

Notably, this crime was committed just a week prior to a Brexit referendum that the Remain side was on track to lose to a Leave campaign that it has constantly and dishonestly branded as “nationalistic.”

We don’t yet know all of the details of the inhuman killing of Jo Cox on a Yorkshire street. But we do know this:

The Remain side will politicize and replay this heinous act as many times as it can, as graphically as it can, and in as falsely somber tone as it can, and across as much media as it can, to leverage the horrible loss of life of a mother-of-two into as many Remain votes as it can.

Of course, every one of those ugly replays will be prefaced by a declaration of condolence for Ms. Cox’s family, by a “sincere” assurance that the statement is not political, and that we are all in this together.

And every speaker will take umbrage at any suggestion that they might be cynically using the murder to serve their political agenda to keep the UK in the EU.

But, the “See. Leave voters are a bunch of insane nationalists” message will still ring out loud and clear, based on nothing but a convenient claim made by an unnamed person that the alleged killer shouted a tacitly pro-Leave slogan during the murder.

We see this pro-Remain strategy brewing already in Remain advocate Jeremy Corbyn’s press release as reported by the Telegraph:

Mr Corbyn added: “In the coming days, there will be questions to answer about how and why she died.

Not unexpectedly, the Telegraph story somehow manages to include direct quotes from only Remain campaigners.

Taken together, Corbyn’s “tease” for the upcoming Leave blame game, and the Telegraph’s selectively pro-Remain quotes have already drawn the battle lines in Remain’s desperate and depraved revised referendum strategy.

I wonder which Remainer will be — or, at this point just a few hours after the killing, might have already been — the first to openly cross that line, and to overtly politicize Ms. Cox’s gruesome death in their service of the murderous EU.

Whoever that person is, I say shame on you.

Sadly, the UK has crossed its Rubicon today.

Our government, having failed to please its EU masters with its Project Fear, its Project Threat, its Project Punish, and its Project Lies, has now embarked on something worse than any of those: Project Mourn.

And Project Mourn will work at least long enough to serve its Remain purpose of keeping the  UK inside the EU volker-kerker.

No doubt, EU Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker – a drunkard, a bully, a fraud, a thief and a liar – and George Soros — who funds hate globally — will be quietly smiling to themselves at the Remain surge that will result from the news of this timely “nationalistic” killing.

Actually, you know what, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least to hear that members of the Juncker/Soros global gang of thugs were eagerly anticipating the fruits of this pro-Remain murder, or one just like it, long before it happened…


BBC Propaganda: A Review of “Britain & Europe: The Immigration Question”

Britain & Europe: The Immigration Question is a predictably bigoted BBC diatribe, aimed at ordinary working class Brits, and particularly those uppity enough to dare to balk at being herded into a growing, neo-liberal, pan-continental sweat shop.

The assault begins immediately when the generic presenter, Mishal Husain, condescendingly informs us that Leave voters are misfits, pining for a simpler time, when chubby children bobbled on despondent donkeys on Clacton beach.

Then, barely minutes into the deceptively named documentary (it’s about the EU, not “Europe”), Husain’s eyeballs roll back into her head and she almost speaks in tongues, as she rapturously recounts the 2004 EU enlargement by the inclusion of eight dysfunctional, impoverished, crime-ridden, misogynistic and borderline totalitarian Eastern European nations. She extols the enlargement thus:

“A moment of unity and of history for a continent that had seen decades of ideological division.”

A moment of unity?

According to who, exactly, Ms. Husain?

More than half the UK currently rues that catastrophic round of EU enlargement, and detests Blair’s toadyism in choosing to inflict it so suddenly on the UK. Many still view it as a deliberate act of permanent national disunity, designed to further Blair’s sordid personal political ambitions.

Could it be that the haughty Ms. Husain and the “unbiased” BBC truly don’t know the difference between reporting and editorializing?

Such an ignorance certainly would explain why Ms.Husain is shown in sunny Spain interviewing tanned Remainers contentedly living their EU dream, but interviewing Leavers in sterile offices or on UK streets, in front of a Corals, and generally complaining.

It would also explain why we find Ms. Husain sitting, relaxed, coat off, all domesticated-like, at the dinner table of a wholesome, pro-EU Polish immigrant family, sipping borsht and laughing indulgently at their cute child’s awkward on-camera performance, when, previously, Ms. Husain had been standing, coat on, awkwardly holding a cup of tea in the cluttered kitchen of a Leave family’s run–down home.

You could say that’s just the way things were. But would the BBC have dared to have reversed that Leave and Remain imagery? There are certainly Leavers out there with nice kitchens and cute kids Ms. Husain could have visited.

And is the BBC ever going to acknowledge that not every young Brit is fretting over what they’ll do on their gap year in Paris before heading off to college and then on to home ownership, parenthood, middle management and death?

According to this “documentary”, immigration simply doesn’t affect the nearly 1 million young Brits from non-BBC presenter households who would like to, but can’t, go straight from school to working because so many entry-level jobs are now reserved for and taken by experienced and much cheaper EU migrants.

This kind of BBC editing illustrates the detachment it has from we, the great unwashed, which has made the BBC useless — a liability, even  — to the bulk of the British public it is supposed to serve.

Even the migration statistics Ms. Husain disfigures and strews across this “documentary” are, at best, political guesses, detached from the “truth” that Ms. Husain pretends they support. But she doesn’t tell us that. Why would she?

That cynical omission just about sums up this BBC “investigation”.

From Ms. Husain’s (faked?) orgasmic proclamation of EU peace and unity, to her subtle nodding as MP Alan Johnson — a devout pro-EU xenophobe and black belt liar to whom the  BBC dutifully gives the last word —  labels mere discussion of immigration policy a “political weapon”, this documentary is classic BBC, pro-globalizer propaganda.

CUT TO CLOSING SHOT: White Cliffs of Dover. Generic presenter staring contemplatively out to sea.

The decision to Remain or Leave, Ms. Husan assures us in an authoritative, omniscient voice-over, is ours. Implicit in her words, however, rings the phrase: But it shouldn’t be.

pig in a poke lrg

Who Asked For The EU’s Fake “New And Improved Democracy”, Anyway?

I swear, I’m going to stick a rusty fishhook into the eye of the next Remain degenerate who tells me that the EU  must be a democratic institution, since it is comprised of democratic nations; it’s just a new, more sophisticated, kind of democracy, they say, and the unsophisticated UK needs to shut up and get used to it for the “greater good” of the “community”.

They are wrong in so many ways.

For a start, our prisons are filled with people from democratic nations, but does that make those prisons democratic institutions?

Of course not. (You might as well fill a Renault with frogs and call it a pond.)

Further, the “prisoner” metaphor is apt in describing the UK’s relationship with the EU, since the EU is a prison, but of kidnapped nations, not of convicted criminals. This kind of prison even has a name: Völkerkerker.

Secondly, the modern UK hasn’t expressed any interest at all in trading-in its ever-improving 800-year-old model of democracy, apart from doing a little window shopping with the failed AV referendum.

Indeed, there would be no ignoring the ruckus if we had decided to change our model of democracy. Just ask King John, Wat Tyler, and Oliver Cromwell. (We are a noisy people when we’re seriously pissed off at our government.)

So, why are we buying the lie that suddenly, out of the blue, we have an urgent but unexpressed desire to trade-in our world’s-best system of democracy, law and culture for a sordid Zimbabwean or North Korean model, in which we are permitted to cast meaningless votes for impotent MEP “representatives”, so long as we don’t interfere with the actual running of our country and the prison it is in?

The terms of this new EU-style “democracy”, are, like all dodgy contracts, necessarily convoluted and opaque; they read like a set of IKEA instructions:

Insert secret drafting of new EU Law into corporate slot A, Fold special interest kickbacks and Commissioner backhanders into slot B, Attach the sections marked “Parliament” and “Council” to Parts A and B, cover the entire unit with the black cloth provided, Attach the label marked “Democracy” to the front of the unit, and leave in a conspicuous place.

I like our “old”, more direct, version of democracy a lot better:

We’ll vote for you to make our laws, but, if you don’t do what we tell you to do, we’ll kick you out and vote in someone else who will.

The sad — and shameful — fact is that we all know in our hearts that the UK is now an EU inmate nation, rather than a liberated, free-trading, free-thinking oasis of “human rights” and “social justice” that the EU tells us we are.

We all know in our hearts that our government and its EU handlers have been selling us one pig in a poke after another since we were conned into accepting EC/EU membership and agreeing to be slowly “ratcheted” into neutering and relegating our Parliament to become a mere foil to the EU Commission.

We all know in our hearts that one of those pigs-in-a-poke is the lie that anyone in the UK in recent times, apart from a handful of self-serving and globalizing political serpents and rejects, has ever called for the UK to adopt the EU’s new, “post-democratic“, deliberately disenfranchising model of “democracy”.

And we all know in our hearts that this new EU “democracy” is a cheap knock-off of the real democracy that was handed down to us. Just as we all know that we are insulting our kids when we try to  hand it down to them as the real deal, along with a heathy dollop of Cameron-esque snake oil shtick about avoiding World War III, averting national oblivion, and doing our duty to promote the common good.

And yet, if the polls are to be believed, half the country is about to ignore what they know in their hearts to be true and to cede real democracy to EU fascists in return for useless shiny beads, because they are either too lazy or too scared to challenge a “Big Lie” that Goebbels himself would have been proud to have told. Come think of it, it’s the same Big Lie that Goebbels did tell.

Instead, Remainers bleat, divert, wheedle and equivocate, mouthing the merits of the new EU “democracy” that nobody asked for, nobody understands, and nobody really wants, while they sit obediently on the edge of their bunks, lights-out, for what is, for them, the reassuring sound of a jailer’s key turning in the dark.

napoleon-disaster res

Cameron Concedes Brexit Defeat: Opens New “Single Market” Front in His Assault on the People

David Cameron has conceded defeat in the Brexit referendum, and he is already consolidating what’s left of his beleaguered and teetering Remain forces at a second front: the post-Brexit renegotiations required under the terms of the Lisbon “Treaty”.

This renegotiation is supposed to assure that the EU/UK separation will be conducted in no more than two years, executed in good faith, and implemented to the mutual, long-term benefit of all involved.

This will mean nothing to the EU, of course. Anyone who follows the EU Commission understands that it doesn’t do “mutual benefit”. It views itself as the 800lb gorilla in the room, who will sleep and defecate whenever and wherever it damn  well pleases.

And anyone familiar with Cameron’s underwhelming and, frankly, cowardly, “renegotiation” performance knows that he isn’t about to ask an 800lb gorilla to do anything it doesn’t want to.

That’s why he and others in the Remain camp, such as Remain flunky Elizabeth Truss, are now obsessively “pivoting” to the Apocalyptic dangers of the UK leaving the ultimately meaningless “Single Market”, and away from the more general scare mongering around the dangers of Brexit, per se.

They are stockpiling their rhetorical ammo to be deployed thus, post-Brexit:

Yes, we are out of the EU, but that’s no reason for us to make the fatal blunder of leaving the ‘Single Market’. Therefore, we will negotiate the best deal we can that retains our access to the ‘Single Market’ as a non-EU member state. To do that, we will have to continue to re-commit to the ‘Single Market’s’ four freedoms, of movement of goods, capital, services and workers.

Perversely, Cameron will promise us that he will insist that we are allowed to retain these four “freedoms”, so that we can have our Brexit cake and eat it, too; he will. Baldrick-like, cunningly position us outside the bad EU, but inside the good EU.

Cameron is already preparing us for a post-Brexit negotiation that effectively draws a red line at us leaving the EU, by telling us that it would be “self-harm” for us to leave the “Single Market” (note: not the EU) for any reason.

Access to the “single Market”, he’ll tell us during his Brexit negotiations,  is way too important to be traded away on the whim of something as fickle as the “populist” (i.e. democratic) mandate of the British people, who, after all, have no moral right to speak for half a billion other EU citizens. The EU Commission will deign to support him in this claim.

Why would Cameron commit such a blatant act of treachery against the people he is supposed to have pledged his loyalty to?

There are a number of reasons why Cameron will try to ensure that the UK’s borders remain open post-Brexit. Those reasons involve the terroristic agenda of global banking and other powers that Cameron subscribes to and that are driving mass immigration worldwide. Mass immigration is a central component of the coordinated TTIP-type global attack on the nation state being waged by big corporations and their handful of “elite” owners.

That investigation, though, is complicated and for another time.

Suffice it to say that Cameron is marching to a corporatist globalizing tune, and not to the increasing drumbeat for independence and democracy resonating across the UK. Like Napoleon, however, Cameron has foolishly marched his Remain army into a frozen wasteland of lies and scare mongering, from which he is desperately trying — and failing — to march them back out of.

Cameron’s strategic ineptitude has left him flat-footed, paralyzed and exposed as a self-declared domestic enemy of the UK. This, alone, renders him unfit for the office he currently holds, and we need to kick him out of it before he uses that elevated position as a bunker from which to coordinate another “Single Market” attack on us post-Brexit.